Sunday, August 06, 2006

Question About 9/11 Tribute Site

This site is asking blogs to offer a tribute to one victim of the September 11th terrorist attacks. They're even nice enough to give you your "victim" if you sign up.

But I'm suspicious. Where are the Flight 93 people? Where's Todd Beamer, of "let's roll" fame? Where's Mark Bingham? Who's Mark Bingham, you ask? Someone who had a relationship with someone I've known for 35 years, that's who he was.

Where's Barbara Olson's (or is it Olsen's?) name? Wasn't she on the plane that hit the Pentagon?

I don't see any reference to the Flight 93 folks' being excluded, or the Flight 77 folks.

What's going on here?


Anonymous said...

maybe they believe in the conspiracy that isnt wasnt flight 93 that hit the pentagon

Darren said...

77 hit the Pentagon (or did it?), 93 hit Pennsylvania.

I don't know what the deal is here, but I'm not liking it at first glance.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Why don't you get in touch with the 9/11 tribute people directly and ask them the question that's niggling at you? At least, then you would know what's going on. You might not like the answer, but it's better than speculating, isn't it?

Darren said...

I'm not speculating at all.

I'm merely pointing out what seems to be a *glaring* deficiency in their tribute, since I searched and still can find no reason for these three people's exclusion.

Yes, I could contact them and ask, but in this situation I'd rather just toss the topic out and say "discuss".

W.R. Chandler said...

I just did a search on the site's assigned victims. You're right about Mark Bingham; his name didn't come up. But Thomas Burnett, Todd Beamer, Barbara Olson, Louis Nacke (Flt 93), Lauren Grandcolas (Flt 93), and every other name I searched for did show up.

I hope the absence of Bingham's name is an error, and it should be brought to the attention of the website operator.

Thank you for making me aware of this omission.


W.R. Chandler said...

I just found Mark Bingham's name. He will be honored by buggie at the blog A Place Where I Belong.

Darren said...

Glad that's squared away. It was important to me, because I know someone who dated Bingham for some time.