Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm A Shoo-in For This Job

Not that I really want to work in the Bay Area, but I think I'd do a bang-up job in this position. What do you think?


miriam sawyer said...

Could we share it? We could each work half-time.

Anonymous said...

Old saying Darren

Sounds like bullshit
Smells like bullshit
Looks like bullshit

Is probably bullshit

Why am I not surprised a CA university would think of it

Ellen K said...

Obviously the California college system has alot of money to spare.

Anonymous said...

This is criminal. They'll probably just raise tuition or charge even more ridiculous rates for books than before to cover it.

Anonymous said...

The university doesn't get a kickback on textbooks, believe it or not. Unlike the primary and secondary school systems, the faculty teaching the course is in control of what textbooks to use, if any (and textbooks aren't nearly as popular at the university as packets, for a variety of reasons).

There are faculty who use their own textbooks, but all universities I know of have very strict policies about that.