Friday, August 25, 2006

"Single Payer" Health Care

Whenever the issue comes up amongst friends or family, I always urge those I’m speaking with to look north. Take a good, hard look at the Canadian system - a real look - and then come back to me for discussion of “free healthcare for all.”

Even Canadian doctors support private health care.


Anonymous said...

Just look at public housing. That's what socialist medicine will be like.

No thanks.

Ellen K said...

The doctor my mom goes to is from Canada. Due to the limits of their system, he couldn't afford to pay his bills from attending medical school so he moved here. He told us when HMO's started that he was already looking to move to Costa Rica or the Mexican towns with American expatriates who have private insurance. From what he said, he wasn't paid very much for the number of hours he worked. He had to make decisions based on government protocols rather than the needs of the patient. And he had to wrangle with a system that if possible is even more bureaucratically discombobulated than our own.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than the DMV. Now picture yourself "in line" for an important medical appointment. LMAO!