Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't Write About Wanting To Kill Your Teachers...

...and if you do, don't go showing it around!

Everyone harbors thoughts about blowing people away; on more than one occasion I've talked about how I wish I had a button on the dashboard of my car that would allow quad .50-cals to rise from the hood to get rid of some idiot driving in front of me. However, that's so far divorced from reality (how would the 50's fit in there with the engine?!), and so general in nature, that no one should fear that I'd actually do it.

However, people have brought firearms to schools and started shooting. In my own district a very disturbed middle schooler was going to shoot his science teacher; she bolted out of the room and I don't blame her a bit, as no one pays us to take bullets from or in front of students.

Writing about wanting to kill your teachers, in these post-Columbine days? Not a smart idea. The student in the linked story above deserved her suspension.


Darren said...

I received a comment on this post about a situation at my own school in which a student was expelled for such writing, but as it included the student's name, I could not post it.

Ellen K said...

I have to laugh although it's a serious subject. My daughter had a good friend in high school who was sent to alternative education for drawing a picture of a tombstone with a name on it. It wasn't even the teacher's name, but she claimed it was and before she called the administrator she called her husband who came up and yelled at the kid. I should point out that the kid scored a perfect score on the SAT and has a full ride scholarship at a very prestigious university. He was totally shocked, as were his parents. He served his time and the teacher was later fired for a variety of poor choices. While we should be prudent, it helps to know the kids before you make an accusation.