Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ex-teacher Gets 15 Years for Aiding Terror Group

Ex-teacher gets 15 years for aiding terror group

By Jerry Seper
August 26, 2006

A federal judge yesterday sentenced a former third-grade teacher at a Muslim school in Maryland to 15 years in prison for providing support to a terrorist organization known as the "Virginia jihad network," which used paintball games to train for a holy war.


Ellen K said...

It may seem over the top, but private schools can teach whatever they want becaue by their separation they are permitted to do that. And madrassahs in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have largely educated this current generation of terrorists. To be blunt, who knows WHAT is being taught in American mosques and Muslim schools? I'd like to think that the would teach prayer and good living and the alphabet and math,but truthfully, I DON'T KNOW. And since many of these schools are very closed societies that allow little interaction with the rest of us, I think there is a big potential problem here. My little town has three mosques. I have had kids bring me total propoganda that they have recieved from relatives here and abroad. Do I have a right to be concerned? Yes, I think I do. And does the ridiculous attitude of liberals protecting the rights of potential terrorists over those of our own children play into their hands? Yes, sadly, it does.

Anonymous said...

Fifteen years is about eighty-five years too few.