Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sicko Uses Private School and Religion to Molest Kids

I read the following on an education maillist to which I subscribe, and received permission to requote the entire submission here. In a recent post on this blog I worried that the barbarians are at the gates; that was optimistic. They're much smarter than that. They've infiltrated. Our civilization has already died, we just don't know it yet.

This is almost enough to make a staunch pro school choice advocate like myself think twice!


What's really horrifying is that the person who made this website & apparently runs this "school" (Distasio) is an admitted pedophile of 20 years who doesn't even have the decency to be ashamed of his craving for sexual activity with boys.

In fact... he embraces it.

Presently Distasio is finding himself facing 74 charges of molestation of boys in his "program." Instead of denying his guilt he's trying a new approach - claiming his sexual intent is a civil right.


I never considered what would happen if the NAMBLA crowd got near schools, just like before September 11th no one considered what would happen if people flew airplanes into buildings. I guess we now know what the results look like in both cases.

Perhaps the gloom of watching so much Battlestar Galactica in the last couple days is starting to get to me. Perhaps things aren't as bad as they seem to me right now. I hope they're not.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sick. Thanks for the "head's up" - that is a good reason to be VERY attentive.