Monday, August 21, 2006

Similarity Between Public Education and Liberalism

Right Wing Nation (see blogroll at left) has such a fantastic post that you're going to want to read the whole thing. What, my recommendation isn't enough to get you to click on that link? Then how about this teaser?

Educration: education + bureaucrat, rhymes with edu-trash-en, The peculiar and surreal ideology of education professionals, the education administration bureaucracy, and teachers' unions. Educration is noted for its singular hostility to reality and facts, and its blind devotion to itself at the cost of students and the quality of education.

It is no accident that the parallels between liberalism and educration are so striking. The two ideologies share so much in the way of initial assumptions, what passes for logic and research, priorities, and outlook that they are nearly synonymous.

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W.R. Chandler said...

I love that program the Jesuits set up where they send their students out as office temps for five days every month. Definitely something that would make their "neighbourhood swagger" disappear. What good is the swagger if you are placed somewhere where no one is impressed by it, and you learn that there are places in the world beyond your own where they will never be impressed by it? Go Jesuits!