Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Starbucks, Yay or Nay

So is Starbucks the cool, "progressive" place where effete hyperlibs can get a venti double mocha-lupa-naca-chino (whatever that means) and feel superior to everyone else, or is it another ubiquitous multinational behemoth that cares nothing about its employees and everything about profits?

Part of the answer lies here.

What will the libs do? Probably plan their protests and boycotts of Starbucks while having a half-double-decaf-latte-chino inside a Starbucks.


oldhall said...

It just seems like, with a little bit of searching, one could find some independent who's willing to make them a cup of joe.

Anonymous said...

Limousine liberals love Starbucks. The hardcore envirowackos hate Starbucks. When the second Starbucks opened back where I hail from in Indiana, hippie "activists" threw bricks through the windows every night.

Ellen K said...

It seems that most of the independent coffee shops are squeezed out. In the meantime, a longtime college hangout near the Art school at UNT is being torn down to make room for a CVS and a Starbucks. At some point any business gets to a level of saturation in the market. I think Starbucks reached that a long time ago. As for being progressive, I wonder how liberal the board of Starbucks really is when you see how they have expanded and capitalized on their growth. What would really be the cream on top would be if they had to move their headquarters from Seattle to someplace with lower taxes. That would be a hoot.