Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Was The Teacher Doing?

From the Education Wonks (see blogroll at left) I learn about this story, with this teaser (pardon the pun):

The video, which is called "cahs porn" and was shot from several angles, shows the girl straddling the boy and holding her spread legs up in the air. The boy is seated at a desk with his back to the front of the classroom. The video shows the actions of the two students and picks up background sounds - including what sounds like an adult's voice. According to reports to The Daily News, that voice belongs to the teacher of the class.

What was the teacher doing such that he or she couldn't see this going on in class? Amazing.

I guess someone took my "sex room" article from a couple years ago and put it into action--sort of.


Anonymous said...

If you haven't gone to the MySpace link for your own school,you might want to take a gander. Go to, click on the "search" link at the top and then scroll down on that page to "Find Your School". When you link to the page you can put in the years. I was trying to find an address for a daughter's friend that is in Iraq. She told me to go to his MySpace site for it. While searching I found several interesting things. First of all, alot alot alot of sexually provocative stuff-not unusual for this age group. I also found a whole bunch of kids who were overstating their ages by a couple of years. And....I found a link to "great places to have sex at....High School". My school...super. I printed it out and gave it to my principal. He told me that was why we had cameras installed. I actually found my own son's page, for which he is currently grounded. I recommend that anyone with a kid over the age of twelve look on the site and find out if your child is posting stuff that may endanger them. And if you teach high school, you may find out some of the kids you are teaching are in more serious trouble than you know. Yes, I know this appears to breech privacy laws, but at the same time, I was searching for an address on a public forum. I just don't think that kids get that. I found it to be of great concern.

Anonymous said...

i dont know anonymous...i think that instead of punishing your son for having his own page, you should only punish him for posting things he shouldnt have. well..i dont know your sons age. so if he is under their age limit, then he shouldnt have one. but, if he is over the age (which i think is 12) then i think you should entitle him to one. this gives him a chance to try to earn your trust. for me...myspace is the only way i can keep in touch with friends who have moved out of california, if my parents took it from me (and they know i have one) then they know i would loose contact with friends. its just my opinion that you should punish your son if he posts something hes not supposed to have (things like your address, phone number, private information, or pictures or blogs of him doing something illegal). again, i dont know your son, nor your family rules, so i dont know if you should take my advise or not. i just think its a great time for him to earn trust and learn responsibility, and can be a great way for him to communicate with or find lost friends.