Friday, May 26, 2006

End Of The Year Rally

The End of the Year Rally at school is always fun. There's the slideshow, the senior cheerleader performance, and then the senior class leaves the gym--walking out on a red carpet while the under three classes fantasize about their turn to walk on that carpet.

It took a little longer than expected to get the projector set up and running, and someone turned off the lights. Instantly, cell phones all over the gym were opened, pads illuminated, waving slowly back and forth in the darkness. Today's version of lighters!

It was very funny to watch.


Anonymous said...

It was funnier when someone flicked on the lights and everybody's phone went away. Haha that was fun.

Nick Lopez said...

Chandler's kind of a nerd.

Anonymous said...

Of all people to tell me im a nerd, its a sophomore in pre-cal, who has been openly determined to be a freak. Great Nick.

Snakes on a Plane.

Darren said...

Hey hey HEY! I'M the only one who gets to call names on this blog! You two make nice.

Snakes on a Plane.

Anonymous said...

i have to admit, that was an awesome piece of work. i never expected that would happen. that kinda started last year, about 5 or 6 freshman did it and that was it. the big thing last year was when a group of kids unexpectedly shouted "GO HOME SENIORS" and caught us all off guard.



Duez said...

Great to see that kind of tradition at your school. Our new High School next year will be instituting new traditions and it will be fun to see them emerge.

The end of the year is always fun, and it is great to look back on how the year went.