Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Collapse of Reason

From the Boston Globe:

AT A TIME when conservatives dominate all three branches of government and hold an increasingly large share of the Fourth Estate, the academy remains the last liberal stronghold. You would think, then, that liberal intellectuals would offer some thoughtful and productive critiques of conservative policies. But instead, argues one leading liberal intellectual, the academic left is making itself irrelevant by embracing ideological extremism and trying to purge its ranks of those who are not politically correct. (emphasis mine--Darren)
Libs just can't stand Fox, can they? Maybe I should get cable so I can watch it.

Let's hope they make themselves irrelevant even faster.


Anonymous said...

So you finally admit that conservatives hold an increasingly large share of the media (the fourth estate)!

I think we made a real breakthrough.

So much for liberal bias…

Darren said...

Considering that conservatives held sway over *nothing* when I was in high school, the fact that they have any voice at all is now, yes, an "increasing share".

As for your second comment, what does that have to do with this post? And since when are the French a race? See, you libs will throw that word "racism" out at the drop of a hat and expect that to end all debate by some strength of moral superiority or something. It doesn't work here.