Thursday, May 25, 2006

Seared, Seared Into His Memory

Wasn't it bad enough when John Kerry had memories of spending a Christmas in Cambodia--the memories were seared, seared into his memory--proven patently false by his own journal entries? Well, F-bomb Kerry isn't alone! It seems that his predecessor on the losing end of a presidential ballot, Al Gore, has some not-quite-real memories seared into his consciousness as well.

This kind of stuff is just too funny not to post. I don't even have to comment on it--make your own call.


Anonymous said...

Darren said...

There's no reference in that article to where Kerry actually was on Christmas; I recall reading that he was over 50 miles from Cambodia. I also note that the article in Wikipedia was last updated only a week ago, something I find interesting.

Doesn't change the "seared, seared" comment though, since even this wiki post states that the man definitely was not in Cambodia on Christmas eve/day when he said he was.