Friday, May 26, 2006

"Dad, Can You Help Us With These Poles?"

My son got a tent and a sleeping bag for Christmas, and tonight is his first opportunity to use the tent. He and a friend from down the street will be camping in the backyard tonight.

I was in my bedroom reading Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine when I heard the title call from the backyard. Isn't that what every dad lives to hear? Yes, the call, the opportunity to pass down the manly arts from father to son--in this case, how to set up the tent. I rushed out as fast as I could; dad is needed.

Past lessons include rolling up the sleeping bag and reading a map. Barbecuing will be coming up soon!

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Anonymous said...

I just passed on my 99 Ford Ranger to my Godson, Jordan Michael (My sister refused to name him Michael Jordan! :) ) I told him before I learn him how to drive a stick, he gets to show me how he will change a tire, jump start the battery and pop the clutch...this is great stuff! :)