Friday, May 12, 2006


Months ago I proposed a social gathering of California education bloggers. I even named this star-studded event. The problem is that I haven't followed up at all.

So Polski3, EdWonks, Joanne, Coach Brown, Chris at Miller's Time, Chanman at Buckhorn Road, Lillian--are any of you up for this? I'd like to propose Monterey or Santa Cruz for such a meeting, especially since a few of us have children. How's July sound, right after the NEA Rep Assembly?

Let's coordinate using the comments =)


Anonymous said...

Monterey or Santa Cruz work for me. Or, if the San Jose area works for people, I could volunteer my house, which has a swimming pool. When in July is the NEA Assembly? I'm getting married July 29, so the end of the month is out.

-- Joanne Jacobs

Darren said...

Ooooooh, I thought the wedding was June....

Anyway, the Rep Assembly is usually July 1-5, always encompassing Independence Day for some reason.

So, we have one vote and an offer of a house with pool! Do I hear another offer?

Coach Brown said...

San Jose is good for me. Ukiah to San Francisco is about 2 hours and traffic dictates the rest. However, I know Pols and Wonks are deep SoCal'lers (we won't hold it against them) so I understand the farther south destination.

Count me in!

Dan Edwards said...

It sounds like a GREAT idea. But, as for me (us), we haven't yet made any plans/decisions as to what we will be doing this summer.
Don't count me in yet, but I am not saying no either. Will microsoft underwrite our travel expenses for this? (ha ha....just joking....)

Is there a schedule of events for this First Congress of California Education Bloggers?

Darren said...

Here's the schedule:

1. Eat
2. Drink
3. Be Merry

Did I miss anything?

EdWonk said...

Boy would I like to go; a gathering at Joanne Jacobs' home sounds fantastic.

But for us, it's problematic. We're planning on leaving for the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina on June 17th...

Darren said...

EdWonk, have a laptop with a cam? You can make an appearance via Netmeeting or Yahoo Messenger!

Lillian said...

Count me in!!
Will we be speaking directly to each other, or sitting in a circle with our laptops???


Darren said...

So far we have Joanne, Coach Brown, Polski, Lillian, and I all as possible attendees. The Wonks are out, and I haven't yet heard from Miller's Time or Buckhorn Road.