Thursday, May 25, 2006

Guinea Pig

I don't think I volunteered for this, but apparently this blog was a test subject for some journalism program. Here's what I received them:

JOU 503 said...

Hopefully no one else is reading old posts from so far back, but needed to come back to the beginning (and then again, maybe you'll take moderator perogative and keep this between us girls).

Sorry for the intrusion. Hopefully no harm, no foul. Time to move on. We collected four weeks of observations, including one week of participatory posting, and that's our data cut-off point.

Toshi would have loved to have continued with the Manners piece but maybe he'll be happy duking it out with SoCalPundit for a while.

Damien will send you a quick summary of what we were looking at to your email address as posted in your profile.

Thanks in advance for being a good sport about this. Personnally, liked the site, at least when it was covering education. The Peoples Republic of California sounds as interesting as our inner city, but at least the state is involved. Here, it's all squabbles among the fiefdoms.

Quick observations: High rate of derogatory names in titles (stupid teachers, idiot teachers), very low rate of same wrt your audience (high civility rating), relatively high rate of links to original works (vice links to links), moderately high rate of original writings (low rate compared to all blogs, high rate compared to political blogs.)

Blog on,
Ira G
Will (William)
Damien (Damiano)
JOU 503: The Democratization of Journalism

Darn, now half my readership is gone!

Nope, no moderator perogative here. I don't have a problem with putting the information out. I'm glad to get a high civility rating--it's something I've stressed on here several times. As for name-calling titles? Guilty as charged! Anyone who doesn't like that is an idiot!!! =) The only thing I'd clarify is that this isn't primarily a political blog, but an education blog, although obviously those topics sometimes become one.

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