Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dumb teachers

I'm not as dumb as this one and I hope I'm funnier than these were. I'm definitely better looking.

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Anonymous said...

At this risk of appearing to stereotype, we have had two different teachers mess around with the same 17 year old boy. Both teachers are young, and blond and a little bit clueless in regards to their position as teachers. The first time, the teacher got away with it because the parents didn't want cell messages used due to the suspicion that their little darling was messing around with drugs or steroids that might endanger his college recruiters. The second time, I think the teacher, a close friend of the other teacher, was just totally oblivious. Even though she was escorted from the school when the boy's ex-girlfriend showed up with printed out text messages from his website, she showed up the next day, only to be arrested. I hate to sound prejudiced, but it seems that as more young teacher enter the high school classroom, this is happening more and more. It used to be that young teachers began in elementary then as they became more experienced, they moved to higher grades. I don't know, but in every case I have heard recently with a young woman teacher, they have been blondes that dress like they are 25 going on 15....just an would be funny if it weren't so damned pathetic. These images of failed Homecoming Queens keep cropping into mind. I just don't know what the heck the world is coming to