Tuesday, May 30, 2006

University of Michigan Minority Graduation Rate

From John at Discriminations (see blogroll at left) comes an interesting post in which the following comment was completely ancillary--but it spoke volumes to me.

And let me also say (I don’t think I said this before), that the 67% rate at the University of Michigan is disgusting. UM spent untold thousands of dollars in its successful effort to defend the right to discriminate on the basis of race, but it obviously lacks the interest, will, or ability to see to it that the minority students for whom it lowered the admissions bar actually get an education and graduate. Those short-changed students are no more than emblems of UM’s liberalism, easily discarded once they have served their purpose of jacking up the “diversity” numbers.

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Ellen K said...

What is worse, many of the chosen minority students were probably in the athletic program. I know that it what happened at UT and other Big State Schools. They recruit the promising athlete, with the idea of selling tickets, and the promising scholar, regardless of race, is left to fend for themselves. Now if they are National Merit Scholars or have won awards, there may be a shot at getting the attention of a high profile school, but if you are just a good student, don't count on any aid, scholastic or otherwise. A good example would be the Top Ten percent rule, where regardless of the GPA, the Top Ten Percent are admitted to the "Flagship University". The Top Ten percent of say, Grapevine-Colleyville may be separated by thousandths of a point within 4.0 and SAT scores nearly perfect, while other schools, with lower academic standards and lower SAT scores, have the same number of admissions. So what follows is that kids with higher GPA's and higher SAT's are denied access to make the school appear to be "diverse". Many people wonder why our quality has gone down in technical professions. When you start by making allowances based on anything other than performance, you are already setting the system up for mediocrity.