Friday, May 26, 2006

Is Cindy Sheehan Still In The News?

I haven't heard from Mama Moonbat since she was crawling all over Venezuelan honcho Hugo Chavez. Apparently she's written a book, though, and writer Catherine Seipp has something to say about it.

My two favorite parts:

Cindy Sheehan's maudlin narcissism has already been extensively examined, but for those unfamiliar with her philosophy, Dear President Bush is a good primer. “Was it freedom and democracy?” she asks rhetorically about the purpose of her soldier son Casey’s death. “Bulls**t. He died for oil.” This comes a few pages after her solution for problems in the Mideast: “We need to be more fair with policies that way too heavily favor Israel.”

But did Casey die for oil or Israel? Because if it’s Israel, then the obvious Peace Mom solution would be to do whatever those oil-producing,
Israel-hating countries want. But if Bush only cares about oil, like she says, then why does he “way too heavily favor Israel”?

Good point. And then:

You still have to wonder about the absolute moral authority of someone who considers the mass slaughter of civilians justified if it means her own particular soldier son might still be alive.

Yep, you sure do.


Anonymous said...

This is what I'm reading. Thanks, I think I'll stick with it.

Darren said...

An anonymous poster gave a link to the story about US Marines' possibly having killed over 20 Iraqis back in November, and snidely asked if that was the "mass slaughter of civilians" that I was referring to. I didn't intend to reject that comment but hit the wrong button mistakenly.

I had every intention of posting it. It shows what a small person that anonymous poster is.

What point were you trying to make, anonymous? That our people do things wrong? Big deal, we know that. And if they did do something wrong, they'll be punished for it, just like the Abu Ghraib folks were.

For you to try to use that incident to somehow defend Sheehan--I guess I don't understand the twists and turns of logic that would make that seem reasonable.

Ellen K said...

Cindy Sheehan is a puppet. It has been discussed how some of her funding comes from the same wonderful groups that have created much of the political havoc we have seen in the past few years. I have no problem with open debate, but she's another example of someone using the Big Lie to promote her cause. I don't think anyone is happy with the situation in Iraq. Heck, two long time friends have kids there right now, BUT we are there, to withdraw precipitously would create a power vacuum that would not only allow civil war, but promote it. Sheehan is personally repulsive because she dishonors the rest of her family's wishes regarding her son. She also has interrupted and taken the names of fallen heroes without their families permission. I know of one story in the Dallas Morning News where a father found his son's name on a cross by their protest memorial outside of the President's ranch. When he asked that they take it down, the protesters refused,even over his complaints. So he walked across and grabbed it. And I guess that is what offends me so much about this woman and her entourage or handlers-they have no sensitivity for those whose names they use and their families, yet scream bloody murder if their personal rights are denied. I love how some people think that free speech and such are only meant for certain people. While I would not deny them their right to speak, I would wonder about the motives of people that do so at military funerals and memorials just to advance their political agenda. Sheehan is a joke, but the powers behind her are seriously intent on this country imploding. I believe that.