Sunday, March 07, 2021

Wear A Mask If You Want To, I'm Tired Of You Telling Me That I Have To Wear One

As I wrote in this post from a couple weeks ago, mask wearing has taken on the trappings of religion:

Covid Derangement Syndrome — it’s real, and there was a massive outbreak of it this week.

Three states announced they were ending the absurd yearlong “mask mandates,” and the left’s collective head exploded in outrage.

The reason is because this isn’t about public health anymore, or even politics, if it ever was. COVID is now the state religion, and the decisions by these GOP governors aren’t seen as a policy dispute, they’re considered heresy.

Only an infidel or an apostate denies that there is a … mild seasonal virus out there. Half the population cowers in abject terror — afflicted with CDS...

As the congregants have begun to backslide, the cult’s most fervent believers in the media become ever more hysterical about the hellfire and brimstone that await the damned, I mean, mask deniers.

Forget COVID-19, Reuters has discovered an even more malevolent strain in “the Amazon jungle city of Manaus,” wherever that is.

Oh my God, it’s horrible, this Amazon jungle city variant...

Remember the 15 days to flatten the curve? That was a year ago. And there is no end in sight.

You can see why a Reformation has begun. But the orthodox reaction to the Reformation will be, as always, savage. The moonbats are now addicted to hating on other people, and with President Trump gone, they’ve turned their wrath on the heretics.

If it ever was, it's no longer about science.  It's about science!, and about authoritarianism--the stock of trade for lefties.


Anonymous said...

You should wear a mask. Because you are gay.

Darren said...

Says the person who tries to hide behind anonymity--in the closet, as it were.