Thursday, March 18, 2021

Changing of the Guard

My first principal and my current principal were both exceptional bosses.  The three I worked for in between them were, uh, not so good.  At all.  By a wide margin.

My principal announced today that he's taking a job at the district, effective pretty much immediately.  He's going to split his time between the two jobs for awhile but our vice principals will take over more and more of the daily operations of the school.  

Woke "hate whitey" beliefs have started infiltrating my district, starting at the top, as I've written before.  I worry about getting a principal who's a disciple.


Anna A said...

Hope you get a good one. I know from current experience, that just having the right credentials doesn't give a person the skills to lead.

Ellen K said...

I retired early rather than dealing with a new principal with a woke doctrine in her history. It just wasn't worth it.