Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Meeting Questions

I just got out of a meeting in which we were given more information about our upcoming partial-reopening of school using a hybrid model.  There were some, uh, interesting questions asked at the meeting.  I'm going to exaggerate some of those questions, but not by much:

What if there's radioactive fallout from a nuclear weapon, would I have to keep my classroom doors closed or could I keep them open for 'rona ventilation?

What if a student is peeing and some splashes up on their mask, do we have spares we can give them?  Would they have to wear the pee-mask back to the classroom?

I have my desks spaced 6' apart.  If a kid leans over, thus reducing the distance to another student to less than 6', can we all go home until the entire county is revaccinated?

If a student refuses to keep their mask over their mouth and nose, can I beat them to a bloody pulp?

The meeting took about an hour and a half.


Steve USMA '85 said...

What is the minimal I can do and still earn my full paycheck?

Darren said...

That's some people, but I think the ones asking the stupid questions are genuinely *terrified* of the 'rona. It's an irrational fear, but to them the fear is real.

Ellen K said...

The indoctrination of fear produced by the Feds and MSM is criminal. Is this a serious virus? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No. I have 3 kids. My two sons have had to GO TO WORK every day during the pandemic. One manages a large retail bike shop the other manages a Volvo parts dept. While they wear masks ewhen asked, neither has let it curtail their travel or social lives. One even has a new baby! They are cautious, keeping the baby home, and keeping things clean, but they are topped by my daughter who has been brainwashed by liberal coworkers and friends. She works at home and has the whole time. She orders all food and groceries in. She only showed up for family Christmas because I more or less insisted as my Mom was 91. Thank God she showed up as my Mom died two days after getting the first COVID shot (that's a story for another post...) My daughter, who always avoided getting the flu shot by saying it gave her the flu, insisted she couldn't go anywhere (except to travel to Seattle to visit friends...)until getting a COVID shot. Although she is 36 and we are 65, she claimed a "medical condition" to get a shot. Now she's complaining about the same symptoms B & I had when we had COVID. While I'm sorry she's sick, I'm frustrated that my otherwise bright intelligent daughter has bought into the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

What a burden it must be to be as smart as you while being forced to work with such imbeciles. We can only hope that some of your brilliance rubs off on them eventually. You are a saint to endure such workplace abuse.

Darren said...

Sadly, anonymous, they seem immune to my brilliance--and we're all so much the worse for it.