Friday, March 12, 2021

Looks Like Some Students Will Be Coming Back To School Part-Time

Combining the worse of regular school and distance teaching, my district's "hybrid model" is set to be implemented on Monday, March 23rd, if this headline from the major Sacramento newspaper is to be believed:

Sacramento will move into COVID-19 red tier on Wednesday, state officials say

Some students will return to school part-time after we've been in the "red tier" for 5 days--which would be Wednesday-Sunday.  Thus, Monday, March 23rd, looks like the day.

My prediction:  no one will die.


Steve USMA '85 said...

My son's school district has taken the going back to school craziness to a new level I think. He'll have 7-8 students in his room but they will be a random selection. They will stay in his room the whole day. Most, if not all, will not be his students.

You see, the students will be in his classroom should they have issues with their online instruction. If they do, then my son can help them. Meanwhile, my son will be teaching his class online, to his students who are scattered throughout the school in similar fashion.

The question his administration has not answered is how he can help students with computer issues for a math class while teaching is social studies class. Also, how does my son not distract the science class a student is trying to concentrate on while he is pontificating about Eastern Religions at the front of the classroom.

Going to be very interesting.

Darren said...

I don't often agree with one of our cynical teachers, but he pointed something out in Zoom chat during last week's meeting that is undeniably true: the point is to get kids into schools, not to teach them something. The sooner we accept that, the better it will be for everyone.