Sunday, March 21, 2021

Masks Are Not Magic

When some students return to my school part-time tomorrow, we'll have some pretty stupid rules to follow.  One of those rules is that even when walking outside, alone, we'll all have to wear masks.  It's a stupid rule, not backed by any science at all, but "when you take the king's shilling, you do the king's bidding."  It's not just my district enforcing such stupidity:

I’ve tested negative for COVID 17 times. Ditto my whole floor, residence hall, and every student on campus — we’re required to test twice per week, after all. It’s safe to say that if someone got COVID, it’s been caught and that person is quarantining.

However, Mt. Holyoke College’s Community Compact says that “masks or cloth face coverings are required when in the presence of others and when outside of your personal room — including outdoors.”

It doesn’t matter what the conditions are. I can be walking outside–without a single soul in sight–and I still have to wear a mask. I can be sitting alone in one of the massive common rooms my school offers, and yet, I still need to wear a mask.

I can peek my head outside of my dorm, and I would need to cover my mouth and nose. If I get caught exposing my entire bare face, I could have that infraction put on my record — or even worse — kicked off campus.

As I've read elsewhere:  

It’s time to stop the insanity of the Branch Covidians. If they want to hold onto their masks as a talisman, no one is stopping them. Me? I already have a religion, thanks.

Absent revolution, I don't know how to stop them. They run every level of government where I live and work.  They are as immune to data as the Catholic Church was to Galileo.

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Ellen K said...

That otherwise rational people are buying into the spew of political narrative that's now being given to us in the form of rote learning and repetition (things you and I were told were BAD FOR EDUCATION) points to how rote learning works. The 24/7 news day started with Desert Storm. After that, not having enough news to fill the news day they started using entertainment as news. Notice how much "celebrity news" is woven into the day. Now they repeat the same three top stories daily all day-all from the same sources and all with almost identical keywords. This is propaganda, not news. We must breakdown big news and big tech before they rule us.