Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Back To The Middle Ages

The American Left has a Middle Ages mentality, wherein religion is science.  

I got my ‘rona shot so that there’s even less excuse to force a mask on people.  But now we’re hearing that after getting vaccinated, we should wear masks anyway.  (Well before but certainly) at the point of being vaccinated, wearing a mask isn’t science, it’s a religious belief and action—like a Catholic crossing himself, like a Muslim praying towards Mecca, like a Jew wearing a yarmulke.  Unlike those actions, the Believers Of The Mask want to force their actions on me.  And remember how Trump rallies were "superspreader events" but riots, Biden celebration parties, etc., were not?

That's enough about 'rona.  Another major belief for lefties is man-caused climate change.  One of our nation's dumbest senators has stated explicitly that we should "believe in climate change as though it's a religion, it's not a science".

When you consider that lefties want to burn books and burn conservatives at the stake, my thesis sentence above isn't hyperbole.  Lefties are violent, foul people who, to paraphrase John Stuart Mill, have no chance of a good life except by the exertions of better men than themselves.


Non Leftist Physics Teacher said...

Why is this happening? Why has this rotten ideology taken over? I want this to go away and wonder if In the near future, people will open their eyes and realize what is going on. Will I see this ideology be squashed in my lifetime? I am only in my early 40s and wonder what the profession will look like 5, 10 years from now.
These leftoids don’t bother to learn history and will therefore be doomed to repeat it dragging us all down. However, unlike in the past, the left has big tech and the MSM to back them up for some odd reason. (Doesn’t big tech realize that leftist policies stifle innovation and advancement? Not to mention this will have an effect on corporate profitability.)
Lord help us.

lgm said...

mmmm, here we are hearing that those who are vaccinated should continue to mask as the jury is out on whether they can be asymptomatic after vax. Having seen measles spread in public school amongst the vaccinated, I am not interested in being the guinea pig for a much more highly contagious virus. Each to his own, its your right to risk your body. As with AIDS, I suspect you will eventually lose the right to risk others' bodies by intentionally not taking precautions against transmitting. People aren't happy losing their lives or incurring expenses because of others' deliberate actions - here we already see parents sue to recover the costs of medical from lack of appropriate teacher supervision, and they win.

Ellen K said...

My husband and I had COVID back in November. Three different RN's and a PA who are friends are personally holding out for the J&J shot option. They don't like what they see on CDC's site regarding the current Modern and Pfizer shots. I think we have enough immunities to survive, plus we're not really out and about much although if my ankle heals were supposed to go to Vegas in late March. That being said, people who are teaching or who choose to get the vaccine should be able to do so. I'm tired of our local officials politicizing this by trying to jump younger, healthier groups to the head of the line over the seniors, who have more mortality data, simply because of race. Our local Democrat county judge is incensed that since FEMA is opening mass sites that big counties are getting less so that smaller towns can get any vaccine. I have friends living in places like San Angelo, Georgetown and Kerrville who have been on multiple lists and still can't get the vaccine even though they are over 70. To have a constant litany of death counts over those over 65 and then deny them access to appease the woke segment of society is just simply bad, awful and wrong.