Monday, March 15, 2021

Still Alive After The Second Dose

I've heard stories about people feeling on death's doorstep after their second 'rona shot; my student teacher came in one day last week and looked so bad that I asked him if he had the 'rona rather than the shot!

I got my second shot yesterday, and last night took some NyQuil before bed.  I was all ready for DayQuil this morning but didn't need it, I feel fine.  My arm is a bit more sore than it was after the first shot, but that's nothing to whine about.

It's more likely that I'll die in a traffic accident on my way camping than to die from the 'rona, but I'm ready to go camping--and spring break is coming up fast!

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Steve USMA '85 said...

My kids are in jobs which required them to get the vaccine. My wife works at a swim center where people 60+ are the main clientele. My anecdotal evidence is that my kids and all their friends were laid low by the second shot. All the old folk at the swim center came to swim the next day feeling fine. Weirdly seems the younger you are, the side affects are worse.