Thursday, March 25, 2021

I Guess Getting Everyone To Hate Each Other Is Some Form of Unity

California's high school ethnic studies curriculum is about to be approved:

California’s Board of Education is expected Thursday to pass the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum for high schools, after nearly four years of heated debate, division and rewrites.

The curriculum was created with the intention of covering four areas: Black/African American studies, Chicano/a studies, Native American studies and Asian American studies. It is a guidance document for districts to adopt lesson plans.

But discussions in developing the final draft included debate over whether additional lessons on other ethnic groups would detract from the study of those core groups...

State education officials put additional lesson plans on those groups into what they called a “bridge,” previously labeled an “appendix,” that included Arab American, Jewish American, Armenian American and Sikh American studies.

In the past 18 months, the Board of Education has received tens of thousands of public comments regarding the model curriculum. More than 38,000 of them were related to the sections of the curriculum centered on Jewish Americans and/or anti-Semitism, nearly 26,000 regarded Arab Americans and close to 10,000 focused on Armenian Americans, according to a summary chart attached to Thursday’s meeting agenda...

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, in a guest commentary for CalMatters earlier this month, endorsed the model curriculum final draft and wrote that it “will give educators the tools they need to illuminate the struggles and contributions of historically oppressed communities.”

Others continue to strongly disagree, saying elements of the curriculum will stoke hatred or even prompt harm for students.

The AMCHA Initiative, a nonprofit organization with a goal of combating anti-Semitism in colleges and universities, said in a statement this week that “a Critical Ethnic Studies-based ESMC can’t help but incite division, hatred and harm to many students, especially Jewish students.”

I look forward to the hand-holding and kumbayyahs.  Or the hosannas.  Heck, I don't even know what the right term is.

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Ellen K said...

Democrats have shifted from using "1984" and "Brave New World" to form their new world order and are now using "Idiocracy."