Thursday, March 11, 2021


Teachers in my district can still work from home.  I've gone into school just about every work day this school year--I like that dividing line between my home life and my work life.  There are maybe 10 of us who have gone in to work just about every day.

We anticipate that soon our district will return to in-person classes in a stupid, ridiculous, only-a-bureaucracy-could-come-up-with-an-idea-so-bad part-time hybrid model.  In anticipation, all of our classified employees, as well as our administrators, have returned to school full time.

One of our vice principals had the great idea to have a lunchtime barbecue for the classified staff, one of whom asked about the teachers who have been at work every day--so then we were invited, and asked perhaps to bring a side dish.

Another bachelor and I didn't bring anything.  So just before lunch we headed up to the 99 Cent Store and bought several liters of soft drinks, some cookies, and cups.  We did not show up to the barbecue empty-handed!  And those cheeseburgers were mmm-mmm-good.

There were plenty of cookies and plenty of soft drinks left over, so we took them to "our" staff lounge (there are 3 on our spread-out campus) and put them in the frig.  We can't eat in the staff lounge anymore--it's a potential superspreader area!--so we gather in my classroom and eat.  After lunch today most of the cookies were gone, but we have soft drinks to last us the next several days.

I enjoy the camaraderie of our side of the campus.

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Ellen K said...

As I've said earlier, I dodged a bullet by retiring in May 2019. That being said I have friends and neighbors who are still teaching. Without exception they HATE the socalled "hybrid" model. First there are the tech problems where kids cannot or will not get online on a timely basis. This includes network lag times which means some students get information a few seconds before others. That makes discussions or debates impossible. Secondly, teachers are so distracted dealing with the antics of students online, they seldom have time to address problems in class. This takes an already bad situation and makes it infinitely worse. Kids need to be in school. If you haven't read this heartbreaking story yet, it will explain why.