Tuesday, March 02, 2021

This Establishment Is Obviously Multi-phobic/-ist

Here is the door of a bathroom I recently encountered:

Let's find all the things wrong with this picture.

1.  The person in the wheelchair is in a lower, subservient place on the picture relative to the seemingly fully-abled people.

2.  The person in the wheelchair seems able to look directly up the skirt of the "woman".  #MeToo.

3.  Assuming the stereotypical man and woman represent genders and not sex--because everything represents gender--this sign shows only two genders, when we all know there are 57.

4.  The representations of the people are white.  'Nuff said.

5.  The symbol around the stick figures is a triangle, when it should obviously be a pentagram.

What did I miss?


Anonymous said...

The blue color is triggering, because, well, it must be, mustn't it.

--Ann in L.A.

Anna A said...

Forgot one. It discriminates against those who don't have hands. They need one to open the door.


Anonymous said...

I am offended by blue.

SoCalMike said...

The triangle is hard to see. I had to embiggenify the image to see it.

The 'female' is wearing a dress - stereotype? No leggings or yoga pants available for the picture?

The 'male' is man-spreading.