Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 Days' Suspension For Senior Prank

Personally, I think this prank is hilarious, harmless, and worthy of at most a lunch detention.


Eric W. said...

As long as they didn't have to ditch class to set it all up, and no one got hurt, I don't see why they needed a 7 day suspension.

Ellen K said...

Yeah, those administrators need to get out more. Maybe some time cleaning the lunchroom or some constructive time weeding the grounds are in order, but seven days, c'mon.

Anonymous said...

I did something like this my senior year. There were three of us that went in together and rented a gorilla costume for the last day of school for the seniors. There was a much different reaction.

As word spread about what was going on teachers would catch us and tell us what periods would be best for us to come running into thier classrooms. This way we did not disrupt a test.

One of the Vice Principal's caught us in the bathroom. We were switching who was in the costume. We thought we might be in trouble, but he asked us how we thought of the idea, and when we thought we might be done. We told him we figured by the end of 4th period we would be done since by then the impact would be gone and everyone would have heard about it. He wrote out passes for us for the the first 4 periods, told us he would expect us back in our classes 5th period and left telling us to have fun and make sure we didn't disrupt any tests going on

What a diffence 32 years make.