Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too Much Violence, It's Time To Withdraw

Escalating, wanton violence has compelled me to accept what so many others have been saying for so long--it's time to withdraw...

...from Chicago.

Bloody Weekend: 32 Shot, 2 Stabbed, 6 Dead

CHICAGO (CBS) ― A violent and deadly weekend continues in Chicago. At least 12 people have been shot, two of them killed, since Saturday morning. Two others were stabbed in a home invasion. This comes after at least 20 people were shot, four of them killed, from Friday night through early Saturday.

Pull out the troops and bring 'em home.

What? We don't have troops helping quell the violence there? Never mind.

Update: Wonder what kind of gun control laws are on the books in Chicago? Pretty strong ones I'll bet, at least on paper.

Update #2, 4/22/08: Here's more.


Ellen K said...

Chicago has a gang history similar to New Orleans in that entire areas of the city are gang controlled. The police are little help and the political history is one of benign neglect. I know the south side is trying to gentrify their image, but with continued stuff like this, nobody will willingly leave Schaumburg or Willamette to move back to the city.

Mrs. C said...

This is awful. But they attribute it to WARMER TEMPERATURES??

Law and Order Teacher said...

This is an argument I have made many times. The homicide total in this country is appalling, averaging about 20,000 per year. As a retired police officer I have seen first hand that gun control laws are useless. Criminals will get guns when they want them and gun control laws will not stop them. More laws will not make a difference. Enforce the laws that are already on the books. Lock up dangerous criminals and throw away the key.

Ellen K said...

How can you enforce the laws when every perpetrator has his or her own personal Greek chorus mourning the sad social order that caused their crime?

Chanman said...

Good Lord! In addition to the warm weather, I guess putting gang leaders behind bars is a bad thing also: breakdown of gang "discipline" and all that. Yes, until those leaders were jailed, those lower gang members were so good at reigning in their aggression. Such discipline!