Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years (in Delaware)

Last fall I wrote about the University of Delaware's thought control/indoctrination program for freshmen. Thanks to FIRE's involvement, the Head Rooster backed down:

“I have directed that the program be stopped immediately. No further activities under the current framework will be conducted.”

Ah, those halcyon days of last year, when we thought that would be the end of the nightmare. How naive we were.

Last fall, University of Delaware President Patrick Harker appeared to pull the plug, once and for all, on a totalitarian-style dorm program for indoctrinating freshmen in the full complement of today’s radical dicta. But in fact, as the Wilmington News-Journal now reports, Harker passed the buck, as university administrators are wont to do in time of controversy, by lobbing the program to the faculty for what has proven to be a feckless “review”...

However, the faculty’s overriding failure, as the News-Journal and others strongly decried, was not to give example to all higher education by terminating the program, simply and irrevocably. Instead, as Faculty Senate President Alan Fox now vaguely notes, the faculty anticipates approving, later in the year, a “new program” with a continued but less narrow focus on diversity and gender. Moreover, the same Gestapo-like Residence Life administrators, who ought to have been summarily fired, will continue to administer it, albeit with annual faculty oversight.

I know that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, but this is ridiculous. Let's pull out another old saying about liberty--maybe it's time to water the tree of liberty with the blood* of some (University of Delaware) tyrants.

U.D. President Harker got it right when he decreed — with false promise as it turned out — that the campus’s repressive dorm program had to “be stopped immediately.” Shame on him, and all other university administrators, trustees and professors who cower before despotic campus “change agents” intent on upending American society. Shame on them all for flagrantly violating the public trust.

Jobs have got to be lost over this.

*(Speaking metaphorically there, not advocating violence, you leftie turds who'd accuse me of that just to try to score a debating point.)


allen (from Michigan) said...

The prez of the U. is fighting a rear-guard action. Retreating faster would be better but as long as their victories consist of defeats not quite as disastrous as they might be things are headed in the right direction.

Darren said...

I don't follow you.

Ellen K said...

I thought I would include my response to the linked column below-just sit back and smile. The world seeks balance and the pendulum of politics can only swing so far in one direction before it begins its return.
My response-
"Does anyone else see the ultimate irony in this? Teens have always gone to college to rebel against authority. So what happens when the authority in charge is rampantly liberal? They become just as adamantly conservative. I teach teens, they are contrary folks. It's going to be fun on down the road."

allen (from Michigan) said...

The university president doesn't want to give up his claim to moral perfections, i.e. the university-sanctioned indoctrination scheme, but he also can't hang onto it so he's trying to slow the process of bringing his indoctrination scheme to an end.

I'd rather he be forced to end it today but if he's fighting a rear-guard action, which he's doing with the delay tactic of throwing the policy in front of the academic senate, he's losing and that tells me things are headed in the right direction.