Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Is What Happens When You Dispute The Church of Global Warming

An inconvenient truth:

By pioneering the science of seasonal hurricane forecasting, William Gray turned a university far from the stormy seas into a hurricane research mecca.

But last year, the long-term relationship between Gray and Colorado State University, where he has worked for nearly half a century, nearly unraveled in an episode that highlights the politically charged atmosphere that surrounds the global warming debate.

University officials told Gray that handling media inquiries related to his forecasting required too much time and detracted from efforts to promote other professors' work.

Gray, who has emerged as a leading voice of skepticism about global warming, reacted hotly, firing off a memo to Dick Johnson, head of CSU's Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and others. He didn't buy the too-much-media reasoning.
What's the problem?

Gray, an emeritus professor at CSU who has taught dozens of graduate students who populate the National Hurricane Center and other research institutions, has become increasingly vocal in his skepticism about climate change, saying the planet is warming due to natural causes.

So Dr. Gray must either go to Coventry or go to Canossa.

Fortunately, CSU has backed off--a little bit.

CSU officials said late last week that they intend to support the release of Gray's forecasts as long as they continue to be co-authored by Phil Klotzbach, a former student of Gray's who earned his doctorate last summer, and as long as Klotzbach remains at CSU.

And on a related note, here's a post about biofuels and their cheerleaders. My favorite part of it is the chart showing the greenhouse emission increases of Kyoto-signing countries vs. the US.

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Ellen K said...

How do they expect us to believe anything if the political elite only want science that is shaped to their belief system. Talk about a the new fascism.....this is absolutely a breech of intellectual freedom.