Monday, April 21, 2008

Teacher Pension Shenanigans

Tony Rezko's name wouldn't be known outside of Illinois, wouldn't be known outside of Chicago, were it not for his personal and shady business dealings with Barack Obama. In this story, he's "involved" in teacher pension investment board.

How many more people does Obama have to disassociate himself from?


allen (from Michigan) said...

Obama seems to be transitioning from the left's newest dream boat to a standard issue politician albeit of a somewhat uncommon skin shade and younger then most.

It's comforting that despite the surface differences there's an underlying commonality.

Mr. W said...

I have to say at least everyone knows how shady Hillary is. The dems are thinking they are putting this savior on the ticket and ever so slightly his past is coming out...and it isn't so pretty.

As a Republican...I am enjoying this so much, it's laughable. If McCain wins, the Democratic party should fold and start over as something else.