Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Third Time's A Charm

A suspended middle school teacher out on bail for allegedly having sex with two students will be back in court Tuesday after police say they caught her having sex with one of them again.
Apparently they've done this a couple dozen times. He must be some stallion--apparently he was worth it, though, because she can't help but go to jail for this one. Let's hope, anyway.

Is it just me, or do a disproportionate number of these stories come out of Florida?

And she was the boy's math teacher. *sigh*


Ellen K said...

Maybe she was teaching him multiplication?(sorry, I couldn't resist....)

Eric W. said...

Germany or Flooooriiiiidaaaaaaa?

(In case you didn't get that... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Loveline_games#Germany_or_Florida.3F )

Unknown said...

I read a story about an hour ago about a teacher in Rumania who was canned because she did a striptease in class. You wonder what her subject was, don't you.

Anonymous said...

Was she hot?

Anonymous said...

maybe she was just a "sex ed" teacher during part time?