Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well, This Is One Way To Fund Your College Education



Anonymous said...

wtf!!! if he has done that before, why wasn't this discovered earlier?

i dont really think i would be bragging if i was one of the guys who got the scolarship:
"So how do you afford college"
"oh i have a scholarship"
"which one"
" one for hooking some guy up with my classmate"

.....thats degrading to boys and girls for him to think he can get a "hook up" through students. if he was willing to spend that much money, he migh as well have just paid for a prostitute.

But it also shows that the school security isn't that tough. Ya he checked in, but if he really was working for ESPN, they should have checked ID or something. Whenever i stop by Rio to visit, they always call and confirm with the teacher that i'm expected. this school....they should check that...especially if he says he's related to some major business like ESPN

Ellen K said...

I don't know who is worse, the pervert that is the older man who thought up this scam or the young and amoral boys who took up the offer. What the hell is wrong with these people? Of course I keep asking that and see other people shake their heads but really people, are our kids so jaded that even procuring innocent girls for an older, and sicker, man is seen as realistic or even acceptable? And by the way, where are all these kids parents? Why did they have no clue how their kids were paying for college? Is this the result of years of cheating to fake good grades? It's like a bad sequel to "Slackers."