Tuesday, April 08, 2008

March 2008 Issue of California Educator

CTA President, again, reminding us he's Hispanic--in case we didn't know. Check.

NCLB is the cause of all evil in the world, including global warming. Check.

State budget cuts cannot touch education, even though education is half the state budget. Check.

Art and music classes are going away. Check.

White male teachers underrepresented in photographs. Check.

Six of seven "CTA-sponsored and co-sponsored legislation" items don't relate to K-12 education. Check.

OK, we've got the usual stuff out of the way. That leaves only one mildly entertaining thing on which to comment: an advertisement.

On page 37, a certain travel "group" advertises "2-for-1 Savings" on a popular cruise line. Wow, 50% off, that's pretty good. Not good enough to join the union for, but not bad.

Oh, but it's only for specific week-long cruises: one cruise departing September 27th, one departing October 12th, and one departing November 29th.

I don't have any of those weeks off school, do you?

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Coach Brown said...

Seriously, you can't make that up.