Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Were They Saying In 1970?

I haven't confirmed any of the quotes in this post, but if they were actually said, they make for funny/entertaining reading.


Anonymous said...

Those 1970 predictions of global cooling seem to be coming to pass. I'm in Chicago, it's nearly May and snow is a possibility tomorrow night.

Ellen K said...

But Al Gore says the planet is warming and that polar bears are drowning???? How could this be??? Could it be that Al Gore was wrong???? And it that's the case, then maybe a number of other hyped up projections based on bad science are as well.

Unknown said...

Linking to some high quality posts with no sources for quotes, obvious condescensions, and a group of commenters who seem to think names like "dumocrats" and "The Socialist State of Kalifornicate" are a viable replacement for logic. Really entertaining stuff.

Darren said...

I kind of thought my one-sentence post indicated that this link wasn't very high-brow. But Ron, if you come here for all-intellectual, all-the-time, you're bound to be as disappointed as I am flattered :-)

Anonymous said...

I’m on Houston and it was in the 50s with almost no humidity today…and we’re almost in May.

God I love this Global Warming!

But I celebrated Earth Day as I usually do.

I burned a tire! :)