Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let The Contortions And Head-Exploding Begin

Months after the Berkeley city council extended gracious protest privileges to Code Pink--to include a prime parking place in front of the Marine recruiting office--the Berkeley College Republicans have applied for a permit with the same privileges.

The CRs also are circulating a petition for a protected zone around the Marine recruiting center. Funny enough, the same libs who probably have no problem with speech-free zones around abortion clinics are balking at applying the idea to recruiting centers.

I'm gonna break out the popcorn and watch the little Stalinists explain why the College Republicans shouldn't be allowed a similar sweetheart deal. Surely one of them will twist so hard they'll pull a muscle.


Ellen K said...

I guess they missed class the day that Patrick Henry's speech was studied.

Darren said...

Who? Is he some dead whiteguy oppressor?

Fritz J. said...

You are an evil man, Heh-heh. Watch the butter, its fattening. Don't forget to put a tape in the VCR for those long depressing days when you need a good laugh. I guess that's enough free advice for now, and remember, free advice is worth what you pay for it.