Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tag: The Asininity Grows

You have to wonder if some people aren't losing their minds.

The principal of Kent Gardens Elementary School in McLean told students this month that they are not allowed to play the game of chasing and yelling "You're it!" at recess after determining the playground pastime had gotten out of hand.

Update: Makes you wonder why this school didn't ban tug-of-war.

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Ellen K said...

Didn't Prince go through this period when he was represented by a symbol? Did that work out well for him? The reason I ask is because it seems that nutty liberal administrators want to have the vestiges of innocent childhood pursuits so long as they aren't named the same. Or so long as they don't have winners and losers. Maybe that's why they don't want the war, it would require having us win and them lose. Liberals don't seem to like that.