Friday, July 08, 2005

When Blogs Are Bad

This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses one of the pitfalls of having a blog--the people interviewing you for a job can know the "real" you, not the "interview" you. According to the article, that's usually a bad thing.

I can't imagine it would be so for me :-)


DCWonkWatcher said...

I think his real point was this Darren:

The content of the blog may be less worrisome than the fact of the blog itself. Several committee members expressed concern that a blogger who joined our staff might air departmental dirty laundry (real or imagined) on the cyber clothesline for the world to see.

So to prevent their dirty laundry from leaking out they pre-emptively disqualified bloggers. Hmm... :)

Darren said...

I saw that. Of course, I would *never* air dirty laundry :-)

[sarcasm light is now *off*]

Anonymous said...

I think you can probably understand why I choose to post under a pseudonym :-)

Sad, but true. I don't like it much, but that appears to be the way it is...