Thursday, July 28, 2005

Doing Anything This Saturday Night?

I got this email from Protest Warrior, of which I am a member:

I got this email from Melanie Morgan (from San Francisco's KSFO):

Friends, today on Air America's affiliate, Talk City 1240, it was announced that Air America listeners will be mobilizing to counter our "I LOVE AMERICA" art exhibit and pro-American rally.

That rally is set to take place in Downtown Sacramento THIS THURSDAY, July 28th from about 3:30 PM, concluding at 10:00 PM. [Location of event is 1300 I Streets at the corner of 13th and I]

+ 3:30 PM The "I LOVE AMERICA" Exhibit Opens
+ 4:30 PM "I LOVE AMERICA" Rally Begins
+ 7:00 PM Event begins live broadcast on "Night Talk Live with Mark Williams" - KFBK 1530 AM

We have a choice here - either we can turn out a giant crowd of pro-American and pro-military supporters, or else we can sit back and allow the "Blame America First" crowd to AGAIN dominate the news media coverage.

I won't let that happen, and I am asking you to do your part and join me. I will be driving from San Francisco to Sacramento to be there.

WE NEED AT LEAST 500 PEOPLE THERE - Please help us build that crowd!

I am asking that every one of you reading this make the effort to get there as well. Whether you come by car, bus or plane, please do what it takes.

We have been receiving media inquiries from news outlets throughout the nation. This has become a national story - the most recent front line in the battle over whether Americans will continue to stand strong and support the war against terrorism here on the home front.

So - please, make your travel arrangements if you have not already done so. And bring as many people as you can with you.

Bring your American flags. Bring your children. Bring your extended family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Each one of you coming should be able to convince at least 1 or 2 people to join you.

If you know of ANYONE within 200 miles of Sacramento, California - please forward this email to them and explain how important it is for them to attend.

You can find !
more information about the event by going to the front page of!
our web

Finally, remember to bring patriotic artwork to be included in our "I LOVE AMERICA" art exhibit.
*****end email*****

You may be aware that this rally is in response to the California Attorney General's having, in his cafeteria, a display of America being flushed down a toilet. Said display was made by the same "patriotic American" who hung a US soldier in effigy from one of his rental houses (not his own house) in Sacramento a few months ago.

You lefties who claim you're really patriots--now's your chance to demonstrate it. War or not, sticking a red, white, and blue outline of the US in a toilet cannot be considered patriotic by any definition of the word. Stand against this travesty or quit whining when the rest of us call you what you really are.


Anonymous said...

"War or not, sticking a red, white, and blue outline of the US in a toilet cannot be considered patriotic by any definition of the word."

This is what we feel George Bush is doing to America.

Darren said...

That doesn't make you patriotic.

Phyllis S said...

This is so weird--been gone most of the week and spent this morning catching up on my 'reading'. Just now, I discovered this blog: Is this the same guy you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to completely disagree with you on this one Mr.Miller. First of all the said picture is part of an art exhibit, not something that the attorney general has purchased using government funds, which you seem to be indicating. Secondly, what is patriotic about censoring art that we do not agree with? It seems to me that being patriotic should mean doing our best to represent and respect the rights given to us by the founding fathers, one of which is freedom of speech.


Darren said...

Hey Laura!

The Founders identified many rights for us, including the First Amendment rights. Exercise of these rights, however, is *not* necessarily patriotic. You could say "I hate this freakin' country!" and be exercising your rights, but I dare say your comments should not be considered patriotic.

Nor am I convinced that our state government buildings are the appropriate places to be displaying anti-American propaganda, even if it is "art". I wouldn't censor the art, but I would request that it be moved to an appropriate venue--one *not* supported by tax dollars.

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