Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Species of Dolphin Found

AFP has reported that a new species of dolphin has been discovered off the coast of Australia, the first new species discovered in 30 years.

1. Isn't it amazing that a new species of almost any mammal can still be discovered in this day and age? The diversity of life on this planet is truly amazing.
2. There was a new species discovered 30 years ago???
3. How many different types of dolphins are still out there?

I don't know why, but stories like this really interest me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Miller!

Just thought I'd drop by and let you know that I'm keeping up with your blog entry's to deal with my Mr.Miller withdrawals! I hope your summer is going well.


Darren said...

While my summer is going fine, it would go better if you'd take me out for a hamburger!!!

Walter E. Wallis said...

I wonder how they go on toast, with a little mayo?

Darren said...

I heard just today that a friend of mine used to order dolphin either in Florida or San Diego, back when they were often caught in tuna nets and had to be "put down" anyway.

He said they tasted like halibut, not chicken.