Friday, July 22, 2005

Ever See Someone Get Hanged?

I don't mean old pictures from the Civil War, from Nuremberg, or even from the Civil Rights Era. Those pictures are usually black&white, grainy, and don't seem real.

Check out this article with picture from the conservative website GayPatriot. Those are real people there, still living and breathing before the ropes get taut. Their crime? Being gay in an Islamic Republic.

I have to agree with this comment, quoted in the link above:

"Whew!… For a moment there, I thought these boys had been deprived of their right to marry. Luckliy they were only slaughtered by a hate-filled ideology hell-bent on bringing their form of ‘justice’ to the rest of the world.
Gee, if only someone would stand up to them, huh?

It’s called ‘perspective’, Western Gay Community. It’s called the War on Terror, and just because you both hate W, don’t think the enemy hates you any less."

Let's reiterate for all the lefties: the Islamofascists don't care if you hate President Bush or not. They want you dead, too. You are an infidel, and until you flop down towards Mecca and ensure "your" women are covered head to toe, you deserve to die. Are you gay? Die. Drink alcohol? Die. Go dancing? Die. Women walk outdoors unescorted by male relatives? Die. Breathe air? Die.

And the Human Rights Campaign, in response to the article linked above, stated they support a strong war on terrorism (1 sentence) and sent a letter to Secretary of State Rice saying

Atrocities committed by foreign governments against all people must be condemned swiftly and forcefully by the world's greatest democracy. We urge you to do so.

That must have pained them, that comment about standing up to foreign governments. I note the one (1) sentence about terrorism and the several (more than 1) paragraphs about gays in other countries is about par for a lefty group like HRC, but hey, welcome to the ball game guys! Glad to see you're starting to wake up to the real threat in this world, and I'll give you a clue, it isn't President Bush.

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Darren said...

Durbin? How can you possibly compare my disgust with Islamofascism to Durbin's hatred of the American military?

Perhaps you misunderstood my point there. All those items listed are from the standpoint of Islamofascists. If you don't bow to Mecca, don't ensure your women are covered, allow them to walk outdoors unescorted, etc, you deserve to die in their view.

Now, do you want to try again? I'm still reeling, trying to figure out how *anything* I said can be compared to Dick Durbin.