Monday, July 25, 2005

WE Know What's Best For YOUR Kids

Trust us, we're the professionals. You parents, get it through your thick heads that you don't know enough to raise your children or to teach them anything of value. If you did, we teachers wouldn't have to teach your kids manners, social justice, etc, not to mention the three R's (reading, ruminating, reproduction). It's obvious you don't know enough about enough to do your children any good.

Or so says the NEA in this column on their web site. Yes, I know the disclaimer says that it may not represent the views of the NEA, but it *is* posted on their web site. I wonder, will they post any of my articles on their web site? I didn't think so, either.

For the final bit of "ohmygawd", notice who wrote that article. There's a brief blurb about him at the end.

Thanks, Joanne (see blogroll at left), for letting us know about this.


Dan Edwards said...

Such words of wisdom from a guy that cleans up after the little boys who miss the pot. I am surprised NEA ran that on their website. I think, what irks NEA the most, is that homeschool parents ARE NOT FORCED to pay the union dues money.

Octavo Dia said...

My favorite line is "No battle has ever been won by retreating." First, there's a difference between winning and "not losing". One can "not lose" a battle by retreating. Second, the well-used retreat was advocated by Sun Tzu as a means of throwing your opponents off balance, and was used by the Vietcong to lure enemy forces into an ambush.

Darren said...

And let's not forget Hannibul at Cannae, a battle studied millenia later.