Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Math Hottie

Ok, that's about as sexist a thing as a person could say, but who among us didn't notice that, even at an early age, Danica McKellar (Winnie on The Wonder Years) would grow into a very attractive woman? Here's just one of many pictures of her I was able to find with a popular search engine. Anyway, Joanne Jacobs (see blogroll at left) points out that young Danica was a math major at UCLA--oh yeah, a math major--and has helped prove some theorem I've never even heard of! And did I mention she's attractive? Apparently, physical attractiveness is a common trait in math majors :-)

On her web site is a math tutoring page with, among other things, advice to students to show every step when they solve a problem.


DCWonkWatcher said...

Her tutoring page will be one link I pass on to the students on the first day of class! I've already linked to her from my teacher's page at school.

BTW, being pretty and doing math never were mutually exclusive :)

Darren said...

"BTW, being pretty and doing math never were mutually exclusive :)"

A more truthful statement has never been made. Maybe I'll get around to posting a picture of myself with a big Q.E.D. under it!