Saturday, July 02, 2005

Perspective on Age

I'm buying my grandmother's house and I'm having all the improvements/upgrades done before I move in. I've lived in my current house for eight years and still haven't repainted the walls like I said I'd do when I moved in, so I think I'm being smart about it this time.

"Kitchen remodel guy" came in a couple days ago and saw on an end table two 8x10's of me at West Point (we haven't moved all of nana's stuff out yet). He asked, "Do you have a son at West Point?" I replied, "I'm not old enough to have a son at West Point! That's me!"

Then it hit me--when my dad was my age, he had a son at West Point. And back then I thought my dad was old. Heck, I'm just hitting my stride now.

Which ties in nicely with this post from a few days ago....

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