Thursday, July 21, 2005

I Can't Believe This Article Was In The Guardian

Among the leftiest of newspapers is The Guardian from Britain. Somehow this commentary slipped past their editorial board. I want to quote the whole thing, but I'll limit myself to finding 2 (two) paragraphs to reproduce here that should whet your appetite for following the link.

It needs to be seen and said clearly: there are, among us, apologists for what the killers do. They make more difficult the fight to defeat them. The plea will be - it always is - that these are not apologists, they are merely honest Joes and Joanies endeavouring to understand the world in which we live. What could be wrong with that? What indeed? Nothing is wrong with genuine efforts at understanding; on these we all depend. But the genuine article is one thing, and root-causes advocacy seeking to dissipate responsibility for atrocity, mass murder, crime against humanity, especially in the immediate aftermath of their occurrence, is something else.
There are apologists among us, and they have to be fought intellectually and politically. They do not help to strengthen the democratic culture and institutions whose benefits we all share. Because we believe in and value these, we have to contend with what such people say. But contend with is precisely it. We have to challenge their excuses without let-up.

The end of the Guardian article tells us that a longer version of the article can be found at the author's own website. I recommend it to you.

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