Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Downer View For The 4th of July Weekend

This article outlines how the Supreme Court has radically restricted personal liberties during this latest term. And while I agree with the Court's ruling in the Raich case (medical marijuana), I can't imagine how anyone could agree with the Kelo decision (eminent domain). Anyway, here are the seminal quotes from the article:

Every right we have stems from government's recognizance that we, the people, are born with our rights intact. We own them. We have property in them. We voluntarily forfeit some of these rights to government, in exchange for protection from outside threats, the administration of justice and the rule of law.

The purpose of the U.S. Constitution, then, is not to tell us what rights we have. We're born with the right to do as we please, so long as we don't harm anyone else.

The Constitution's purpose is to outline what rights we give to the government, and to firmly define the limits of government power.

Unfortunately, this isn't widely understood.

Go read the whole thing. Happy 4th of July Weekend!

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