Friday, April 16, 2021

Showing Responsibility

I've mentioned before our screwy "hybrid schedule"--this morning I taught 4th-6th periods in-person, and this afternoon I taught 4th-6th periods online to the remaining students.  Today was a chapter test, delivered in a format such that in-person students could fill in a bubble sheet and at-home students could take the test online.  I don't usually (read:  I almost never) give multiple choice tests, but this one and its answers were written in such a way that I should be able to get good information from the test results.  Unfortunately, the information I got was that a lot of students cheated, and I have screenshots to back up my assertions, but that isn't the point of this post, so I move on.

Yesterday a couple athletes who would be in my afternoon class emailed me to say that they're scheduled to leave "school" early to participate in a competition.  They asked if they could take the test during "morning 6th period", and I thought it great that they were being proactive.  Right before the afternoon test I found out that a third athlete was scheduled to miss class, so I emailed that student and asked what the plan was, as that student hadn't made any arrangements with me to make up the test.  The response was that that student told the coach that he/she was going to take the test and, when finished, head immediately to the competition, as this student takes his/her education seriously.

I thought it a great show of responsibility for these students to make arrangements in advance, rather than just missing the test and showing up next week asking when/how they could make up the test.  At my school, such conscientiousness is, unfortunately, quite uncommon.

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