Thursday, April 08, 2021

Making Stupid Hurt

We need more legislators to take principles stands like this:

The Idaho House has overwhelmingly rejected the state’s proposed higher education budget because of concerns about the promotion by the state’s colleges and universities of a “social justice” agenda and the teaching of critical race theory. The vote was 13-57.

The appropriations bill rejected by the House had cut $409,000 from Boise State University’s bottom line, shifting that funding to Lewis-Clark State College. The reason for the shift was that Boise State is seen as promoting “social justice ideology” and activities…

Generally speaking, it’s not a good look when politicians hold education budgets hostage to demands about curriculum. However, legislators shouldn’t stand by while schools use public money to teach students that they are racists, that their country is evil, and other noxious tenets of woke identity politics. States shouldn’t subsidize efforts to create self-hating students and to erode belief in America.


Pseudotsuga said...

I saw that article, and I am amazed that some legislators actually had the grit to stand up to this. I bet that they are not afraid that they will not get re-elected, either.
Good for them.

PeggyU said...

Maybe it is time to move back to Idaho after all.